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NXTevent hosts event at the state-of-the-art WGBH studios

NXTevent recently had the honor of managing a panel discussion and cocktail reception for some of New England’s finest in the internet cloud computing industry.

Their event was hosted at the WGBH studios, a state-of-the-art facility in Brighton, Massachusetts. Relocated in 2007 WGBH studio is complete with a chic and modern lobby, a soaring 3500 square foot atrium, and a luxury high quality theatre.

While taking into account the clients colors and the season, NXTevent was able to create  a warm yet ultra modern atmosphere in this spectacular venue.

The evening began with a keynote speaker and transitioned easily to a four person panel discussion inside the Yawkey Theatre. Guests were able to learn from and interact in comfort inside this intimate yet state-of-the-art theatre.

After the panel discussion it was time to unwind, have fun and network!! The guests were greeted outside the theatre with passed hors d’oeuvres and a specialty martini bar from our friends at Max Ultimate catering! They are a preferred caterer for NXTevent that offers innovative new foods and some old classics with a modern and fresh approach. Keeping with the theme and the location the drink special for the evening was the Bostini. Guest continued to dine, drink and enjoy the event.

When all was said and done at the end of the evening, NXTevent not only met our client’s expectations but exceeded them in all ways possible.

Doctors Experience All Boston Has to Offer

NXTevent managed transportation and entertainment for an annual multi-day conference which consisted of allergy, asthma, and immunology doctors. 

The first night consisted of a welcome reception for 1000 people at the Sheraton Boston.  Background music was provided by Boston String Quartet.  Since its formation 2004, the Boston String Quartet has been a creative leader in contemporary classical music in New England.  BSQ performed arrangements of classical chamber music, rock, jazz, world music, and much more.

On the following night guests got to experience an elegant fundraising gala at Boston’s famous Museum of Fine Arts.  Guests toured the museum before sitting down for a three course dinner and enjoying tunes from Mystique and acapella songs from Harvard University’s Din and Tonics.

NXTevent topped off their Boston experience with a sit down dinner at the Harvard Club in downtown Boston.  Guests once again danced the night away to the sounds of Mystique and also enjoyed watching professional ballroom dancers from Miami.

Environmentalists Invade Boston

NXTevent managed a tour program for an environmental group from down south, who were in Beantown for a multiday conference.  Guests got to enjoy the unseasonably warm November weather while exploring historic New England landmarks.  Destinations included the North End, Harvard University, Sam Adams Brewery, Deer Island, Parker River Wildlife Refuge, the USS Constitution, and much more in between.

In addition to providing tours, NXTevent managed an event for the group at the New England Aquarium.  Founded in 1969, the New England Aquarium is a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation.  The Aquarium is one of the premier visitor attractions in Boston, with over 1.3 million visitors a year, and a major public education resource. This environmentally friendly group of 350 guests arrived by the T.  They mingled with penguins and sea lions while nibbling on hors d’oeuvres and socializing with their colleagues and counterparts.

AAP Storms the Castle!

Rising early, while the sun was still asleep, NXTevent and the partner vendor TRACS headed out to Castle Island and the fort for the The 5th Annual AAP Friends of Children Fund 5K Fun Run & 2 Mile Walk. 

On this crisp fall morning, participating members of the American Academy of Pediatrics arrived friendly faces from NXTevent and a DJ greeted the group as they entered the castle gates. The turn-out was diverse including groups of friends, couples and families. With a remarkable time of only 18 minutes and 43 seconds the reigning champ Brian Lynch once again took the wining title. Awards, pictures and refreshments concluded this fun run!

            The course included wrap around views of Boston Harbor and then Boston’s skyline, as well as looking south to Quincy and the Cape.  Our client thanked us for choosing this location to showcase the hidden gem of a location out at Castle Island, not only for it’s views but for it’s community feeling.

Thanksgiving: Born in New England – An American Tradition

It’s hard to tell that winter is just around the bend as Boston and New England have been experiencing what some would call “balmy” weather (with the exception of the Halloween snow storm!) Regardless of the weather, scents of pumpkin spice and gingerbread waft through the air as you pass by coffee shops and the buzz and excitement of the holiday season is upon us.

Here at NXTevent, we thought we would share the history of this great New England tradition, and on Thursday, November 24, we will be sharing in our own holiday traditions with family and friends.

Thanksgiving: Born in New England – An American Tradition

(In 2011, Thursday, November 24)

A beloved American holiday, Thanksgiving is a time to share thanks with family, friends, and vistors and remember just what we have to be grateful for. Today’s Thanksgiving includes NFL football and the famous Macy parades as well as opens the “shopping extravaganzas” across American malls and online stores, plus a lot of feasting, resting, feasting, resting. Almost all the same was true in 1621, sans the modern day amenities, electronics, and sports, when the Pilgrims of Plymouth on Cape Cod celebrated their bountiful harvest and good fortune.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as an American holiday, a movement that started by the Continental Congress as far back as the American Revolution. Nearly 100 years later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt then officially set the day for Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday of November.

The First Thanksgiving by the Colonists of Plimouth

(Sources: History Channel & Kathleen Curtin, Food Historian at Plimoth Plantation)

In 1621, the colonists of Plimouth (Cape Cod) and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast which is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. This harvest meal has become a symbol of cooperation and interaction between English colonists and Native Americans. Although this feast is considered by many to the very first Thanksgiving celebration, it was actually in keeping with a long tradition of celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for a successful bounty of crops. Native American groups throughout the Americas, including the Pueblo, Cherokee, Creek and many others organized harvest festivals, ceremonial dances, and other celebrations of thanks for centuries before the arrival of Europeans in North America.

Interestingly, historians have also recorded additional celebrations of thanks among European settlers in North America. Whether at Plymouth, or throughout the new world of the Americas, the heritage of thanks, and particularly of the legacy of the ceremonial feast, have survived the centuries as people throughout the United States gather family, friends, and enormous amounts of food for their yearly Thanksgiving meal.

 The Menu

 Today, our Thanksgiving menus are full banquets. A must is the traditional turkey, roasted or fried depending on your taste, served with mashed potatoes and a little personal flair, as well as green bean casserole, sweet potatos and a slew of pie. As diverse as America is today, its general population are likely to blend in some regional influences and ethnic heritage from sides dishes to the main course. Not unlike where it all began 400+ years ago.


Truth be told, the only two items identified in history records that were on the menu are venison and wild fowl. Edward Winslow details and describes the “First Thanksgiving” from A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, in 1621:

Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling, that so we might after a special manner rejoice together after we had gathered the fruit of our labors. They four in one day killed as much fowl as, with a little help beside, served the company almost a week. At which time, among other recreations, we exercised our arms, many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest their greatest king Massasoit, with some ninety men, whom for three days we entertained and feasted, and they went out and killed five deer, which they brought to the plantation and bestowed upon our governor, and upon the captain, and others. And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want that we often wish you partakers of our plenty.”


Here are some of the NXTevent team’s favorite parts of Thanksgiving! Martha loves the smell of turkey and stuffing roasting in the oven and finds this time of year a great time to give thanks and reflect peacefully on the year gone by. Toni takes on the incredible task of pie making – she cooks everyone’s favorite pies! Her record is 21 pies from scratch which includes Apple, Banana Cream, Pecan, Blueberry and Pumpkin which she then delivers to all of her family members! She also finds it’s a good time to start addressing her Christmas cards to get ahead of the game! Ally spends time with family and friends, usually preparing a thanksgiving feast with an open house feel, but this year she heads to Brooklyn to visit with her brother and family. While there, she and her family will experience the newly opened 911 Memorial as well as a trip to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty, all in thanks and memoriam to those who have served, those who have emigrated, and the heritage of our nation.

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving and the holidays?


It was an exciting time for the NXTevent team as we welcomed a 100 new faces from Europe.

Upon arrival at the International Terminal at Logan Airport, our guests were whisked away for a highlights tour of Boston as the coach made its way to a historic seafood venue, overlooking the piers of Boston, much anticipated New England seafood supper.  After long hours of air travel, the fresh air and walk followed by fresh bread rolls and lobster bisque enticed our guests to give in to a warm Bostonian tradition of soup and bread, followed by the American brownie sundae a la lava bomb!

With our comprehensive database of the best Boston tour guides, we added 3 wonderful German-speaking guides to our NXTevent team. Thanks to our very own Laurence Honan and these lovely lades, who are like the Charlie’s angels of German guiding, communication and language barriers were no problem!

From surf to turf, the following evening our group wined and dined at one of our favorite steakhouses, Grille 23. The night began with hors de oeuvres and classic Caesar salad, followed by a divine selection of steaks. To be sure, guests were once again surprised by the American portions and quality of meat! To put the group at ease, NXTevent made sure to provide translated menus so everyone was able to order their steak cooked to perfection!

Rise and shine! To really give our international travelers a taste of New England, we headed north of the city to America’s Bewitching Seaport – Salem, Massachusetts. There was a sense of anticipation in the air as we glimpsed scenes of preparations for the fall season and Halloween festivities. First stop, The House of the Seven Gables – Built in 1668, this is the oldest surviving 17th century wooden mansion inNew England. After an in-depth tour of the property (also translated into German for our group), it was onto America’s Oldest Seaport and Fishing Town – Gloucester, Massachusetts. After a gorgeous seaside walk on the Boulevard from the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial to the Man at the Wheel, guests made their way to Lenny and Dottie Linquata’s restaurant – The Gloucester House.  Out to the Seven Seas Café, directed adjacent to the harbor and the docks where the seafood you eat is delivered to the chef in the kitchen.  The group was in awe of the buoys hanging from the ceiling and the gigantic lobster steamer piled high with steamed lobster, fresh corn and potatoes cooked to perfection. To welcome the group, Lenny shared history of Cape Ann, a few Gloucestertails / tales and demonstrated how to successfully eat a lobster as the group looked on with lots of smiles and laughter.

Filled with lobster and strawberry shortcake, the group continued their tour of Cape Ann and stopped into the quaint town of Rockport for some exploration and shopping. Bearskin Neck offers gift shops, crafts and jewelry shops, candy stores amidst artist studios and delicious cafes. The clouds cleared and it was truly a delightful bright sunny afternoon. As our German guides and NXTevent team escorted the group back to their Boston bound buses, we had a little surprise waiting for them on their bus. After a long day, guests  received a petite bag of Dancing Deer Fall Maple Butter Leaves and Gingerbread Acorns – what a sweet way to end the day.

But we weren’t quite done – a final hurrah at The Harvard Club Back Bay. The only Platinum alumni club inMassachusetts, high ceilings, rich crimson walls, wooden staircases and a glowing fire surrounded the group with the history and prestige of Harvard University. It was the ideal setting for the Harvard Din & Tonics a capella group to perform some of their American jazz inspired repertoire during the cocktail reception. These 13 gentleman performing in their white ties, tails and lime green socks, have an enviable reputation for their impeccable musicality, snappy choreography and hilarious antics. They then escorted the group into the Great Hall for a nicoise salad and tuna tartare “Martini”, mouth-watering surf and turf topped off with a trio of scrumptious desserts (including a modern version of chocolate terrine and traditional Boston cream pie – yum!)

After a great few days – our group returned with fond memories, lobster eating skills and historic insight into our beloved New England.

Check out some pictures from their New England visit

Auf Wiedersehen!!


Who”˜daThunk We’d Genuinely Enjoy the WhoDunit…Murder Mystery Converts at NXTevent

With meticulous planning underway for an elegant, gorgeous Gala Event, the NXTevent team definitely had some doubts about the inclusion of a Murder Mystery program when our clients came to us to include a Murder Mystery program.  Really? Just seems so “¦ eighties? Nineties?  Much to our surprise, after finding the penultimate MM Troupe, who not only played a great game of clue but tied into the evening’s theme, client culture and overall experience, we found ourselves observing from our production points around the room watching the parody unfold. And voila, in a moment’s time, whether it was in the garden, the terrace, or the dining room, our reservations faded away into surprising delight!  We are forever officially “Murder Mystery Converts”.

Another Rainy Day in Boston…

2 client, 3 NXTevent team members, 1 desire”¦and 1 whirlwind day of splashing around a soggy Greater Boston area on a quest to find the coolest, most modern locations for a “cloudy” day presentation and cocktail hour! Can you guess what kind of business they might be in “¦

First stop, deCordova Park and Museum – larger than life modern and contemporary sculptures and installations welcome you and we loved the idea of having an event in a space filled with such innovative and creative pieces of art! With only a few hours and many sites to see, we were onto WGBH studio – a well-known name in New Englandwhere their “blank canvas” approach to their theater, atrium, and filming studios allows you to customize your event in novel ways – maybe even have a TV or radio personality give a speech. Not deterred by the rain, we stopped in at the EMC Club at Fenway – looking over Fenway it would be pretty cool to have Jim Rice make an appearance and sign baseballs for guests. With one last big rain puddle to jump over (the Charles River) we headed to The American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Nothing is more inspiring than looking down a wall to see the acceptance letters of legendary members such as George Washington, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King Jr. – truly a unique and groundbreaking site for a company looking to enhance their theme of progression from century to century. Final stop — the amazing  Media Lab — a perfect experience for a techy crowd but hard to reach this lofty location, between it’s University rules and regulations on use (but just call us and we will make it happen if it’s available!)

Rain or shine we always make the best of any challenge and we saw some great sites — and thank goodness we were up in the clouds by the end of the day!

See some pictures from our day out and about!

Newport – One Wicked Awesome Escape

Recently … on a hot summer day in August, Joan Laramie, Director of Sales and Account Management took Mary de Ridder, owner of our new representation firm Travel and PRomotion by Mary de Ridder, found themselves venturing south, beckoned by the lure of the perfect incentive and meeting escape in Newport, Rhode Island, boasting some of most charming seaside restaurants, beaches, magnificent mansions alongside ocean walks and some of the prettiest pictures one can take on the east coast!

Mary and Joan started out with Ocean Drive – where you can walk, bike or drive, for the views and spectacular “cottages”! Then onto Newport’s “Ten Mile Drive” where history and homes of a wealthy summer community blend with the public parks and miles of public access shoreline. A must see is Rejects Beach where you can take a dip after a long day in the sweet sun – unless of course you have “old Newport” friends that will take you next door to  Bailey’s Beach and Beach Club!

Mary and Joan found out that if you prefer a more relaxing day – a classic Newport weekend would not be complete without time on the water. Head out on a harbor cruise aboard a friend’s boat or local charter. Pack up the cooler with some refreshments, motor around to Brenton Cove for a swim, or if you have more time, over to Jamestown’s Mackerel cove. No interest in boating? Another favorite beach for lounging, surfing or bird watching is Sachuset or Second Beach – only 4 miles from the center of Newport.

One thing the gals felt would really interest those groups seeking a competitive or teambuilding gathering was the “Your Own America’s Cup Regatta“ which allows you and your group to race 3-4 of their 12-meter yachts against each other! For those who would rather watch The Pam is the spectator boat that goes out to watch and photograph the racers. Who doesn’t love a little salty air and Yankee flare in the spirit of racing ?

For those seeking a more landslide experience, Mary and Joan felt you could go back in time with a jaunt down Bellevue Avenue or a walk on the “Cliff Walk”. The views are stunning and you will experience the Newport Mansions of famed names such as the Eisenhowers, Vanderbilts, Astors and Widener families who constructed the largest “summer cottages”, such as The Breakers, Rosecliff, Marble House and Miramar.

Wind whipped and salt sprayed, the only remedy, is a members’ only Bloody Mary at the New York Yacht Club with our favorite Newport Gal – Ashley Farrington Take in the great lawn overlooking Newport Harbor (best view in town). The NYYC Harbour Court location is a beautiful Renaissance Norman-style mansion sitting on 8 acres on a hill overlooking the harbor.

By this time, the appetite has kicked in and you are probably ready for a classic bowl of clam chowder and nowhere better to get it with simultaneous people watching than the Black Pearl. Located in the heart of Newport’s bustling waterfront, this well-loved restaurant has something to offer everyone. Grab a table on the Waterside Patio and raw bar for great people watching, sipping and supping paired with a local brew, and experience what has made the “Pearl Girls” famous.

As evening comes, head over to Bannister’s Wharf for a snack before dinner. The Candy Store is a must for some summer sushi – a sake and a roll will tide you over ’til dinner. The Candy Store, also known as Clarke Cooke House, is an institution with its many levels often described as a mirror of Newport’s Social hierarchy.

Moving down the harbor, take in The Mooring for dinner – one of our favorites! Sit at the bar and get some Littlenecks or if a more classic experience is required, grab a table on the amazing back deck overlooking Narragansett Bay and be sure to order a bag of doughnuts. The Mooring provides the freshest and most creative local, regional and international fish and seafood selections paired with an award winning 900+ label wine list.

22 Bowen’s, located on Bowen’s Wharf is relaxed, upscale and sits directly on the water with an inviting atmosphere, dim lighting and candlelit tables. In the warmer months, don’t miss out on the waterside tables, for the marine and boating activity as well as the views from the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the wharf. From fresh seafood raw bar appetizers to the main courses, Bowen’s will surely please the visiting traveler.

The nightlife is great for all ages, and if you don’t tire easily, the ladies recommend Dockside Downtown hosts live music of all genres, comedians, festivals celebrating cultural and harbor side lifestyles, and the latest happenings in culinary, wine and art!

After whirlwind 36 hours, Mary and Joan agreed … whatever your mood, Newport offers your adventure and PLENTY of things to do and see.


Our favorite destination and hotel venues in Newport!

Newport Marriot

 The Newport Marriot located in the heart of downtown Newport, RI offers a nautical flare with bright colors and murals boats of fish. This modern hotel also hosts an onsite restaurant, Fathoms, which features fresh traditional seafood dishes. The Newport Marriott is also conveniently located on the Newport Harbor which is perfect for a group interested in doing water activities (sailing charters or races) as many of the boats leave from the dock adjacent to the hotel. This hotel is in the middle of Newport’s action and a great option for a group interested in experiencing downtown.

Hyatt Regency Newport

The Hyatt Regency Newport, located on the private Goat Island is minutes from downtown Newport and is surrounded by stunning views of the Narragansett Bay. This hotel is also adjacent to one of our other favorite venues, Belle Mer, and would be a great option for accommodation. One neat feature – the option for a traditional lobster pit and dinner in a wooden pavilion overlooking the water – nothing like some fresh seafood and ocean air!

Belle Mer

Located on the edge of Narragansett Bay on Goat Island, Belle Mer is a chic, sophisticated, ocean side venue for all types of events. From launch parties to client or employee appreciation events, to corporate retreats, meetings and outings – the fire pit, sweeping views and 6 acres of land make Belle Mer an ideal location for any time of year! With over 14,000 square feet of function space, it captures Newport’s timeless elegance with a contemporary flare.

The Chanler Hotel

“One of the most romantic, picturesque, comfy and cozy hotels in Newport!” was what our team member Joan reported back to us. The Chanler hotel looks out over First Beach (Easton’s Beach) and the Atlantic and is located right at the start of the famous Cliff Walk. The breathtaking views from the outside dining area, Cliff Lawn and The Terrace make the Chanler a gem for smaller groups looking to stay the night or have a meeting or event!

The Hotel Viking

 Voted as one of the top 50 meeting hotels in the Northeast by Meetings East Magazine, The Hotel Viking is a great option for events small or large. The Viking Ballroom is ideal for exhibits or multi media presentations or if you are looking to have an event with a historic setting, the Bellevue Ballroom is a great option with its “Old Newport” grandeur. Leading from the function rooms, our favorite location for an event is the courtyard in the back that is perfect for a warm evening reception or meal!

 Check out some more pictures from the trip to Newport!

MICE Gifts that have a Taste of New England and are Fit for any Budget

With our international clients making some of their first trips EVER toNew England, what better way to show them our flavor then by giving them local AND inexpensive gift baskets. Budget – have no fear”¦ all of these gift ideas can be put together for less than $25 – what a deal!


The Wicked Walnuts and Cranberries Gift Basket

Pure New England Bog Cranberry Honey, Wicked Cranberry Walnuts, Sweet Sloops Gift Box with Almond Butter Crunch in Milk & Dark Chocolates, New England Cranberry Relish, and a Sweet Sloops Chocolate Bar


Wild for Blueberries Gift Basket

WildBlueberryCapeshore Soap, Blueberry Scone Small Tumbler Candle, Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Tea for Two, and the best homemade blueberry muffin recipe – yum!


Nautical and Nifty Gift Bag

Adorable Lobster Tote filled with Lobster Lollipops, Lobster Gummies, Sweet Sloop Sail Boat Boxes and a Sweet Sloop Lighthouse Box to light up your taste buds.


SavorNew EnglandGift Basket

Salty but sweet – Pretzel Dip, Grab & Go with Maple Champagne Mustard, Cranberry Pepper Jelly, Peach Jam, Black Raspberry Jam, and  Apple Cranberry Chutney

Are your taste buds watering yet?


Ready to begin? Get in touch.