A Look Back at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference Welcome Reception

This summer, NXTevent had the unique honor of working with the Alzheimer’s Association, planning and orchestrating events for the organization’s International Conference. The events, which included a Welcome Reception at Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center and a 5K Fun Run, were held in honor of the thousands of researchers who dedicate their lives to studying and preventing Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Welcome Reception, held on Sunday, July 14th, across from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, was the kickoff to the conference, setting the tone for the energy of the week. Thousands of guests departed the BCEC after a full day of conference sessions and were lead across the street to the grand arch of the Seaport World Trade Center. Along the way, the attendees were greeted by roving stilt walkers and acrobats outfitted in the Alzheimer’s Association’s signature purple. As guests ventured further down the drive, the powerful and festive sounds of a full marching band echoed down the street, beckoning guests forward to the reception. The performers swayed and bounced to the pounding of the drums while the color guard tossed their bright flags into the air. From the sidewalks, our staff watched guests as they smiled, pointed, and snapped photos of the scene.

Past the festivities at the grand entryway, attendees were greeted by the sounds and smells of a classic backyard barbeque. Sliders cooked on massive grills sent their sweet and smoky aroma into the air while trampoline performers executed incredible acrobatic feats nearby. Huge pitchers of specialty drinks dotted one side of the patio, complementing the bar stations and massive carts of other treats. Dancers, Double Dutch jump-ropers, magicians, along with other performers were at every turn, a feast for the eyes throughout the evening.



Guests ate, drank, mingled, and danced along the boulevard of flags to the sounds of a fantastic DJ and in the company of their esteemed colleagues. A fan favorite was the performance by local community youth hip hop dance group, Lil’ Phunk, who demonstrated talent and passion far beyond their years.

As the event came to a close, guests were still barefoot and dancing, taking photos with new friends, relaxing at the purple themed cocktail tables, and reluctant to acknowledge that the fun had come to an end. We couldn’t be happier with the result and the response from our wonderful clients. The event was truly memorable, and we feel so grateful to have been a part of the conference in our own way._EST4849_EST4855

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