We All Scream for Ice Cream: Where to Find the Area’s Best Scoops

It’s a beautiful day, one of those beautiful New England days where the sun hangs high in an impossibly blue sky, and the few clouds above look so fluffy and soft that you almost don’t mind when they float past. On a spring day like today, with flowers first peeking from beneath the soil, when temperatures are straddling 65 degrees for the first time in a long time, there’s only one thing a true New Englander has on his/her mind; Homemade Ice Cream.

Now, I’m not talking about taking a trip down to the local CVS and picking up some Haagan Daz. I’m talking about rich, creamy, fresh, homemade ice cream, the kind that trickles down a cone, no matter how feverishly you lick your mint chocolate chip double scoop. So, in honor of spring in New England, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite authentic homemade Ice Cream places in Eastern Massachusetts. Try them out and tell us whether we got it right. Are we missing your number 1 pick?


Essex: Head to the byways and beaches of Essex and revel in rolling farmlands, try your hand at antiquing, or spend a peaceful and serene afternoon on Crane’s Beach. No doubt you’ll get a craving for an icy treat. If so, make your way to:


  • Down River Ice Cream – Route 133 in Essex. With Adirondack chairs for lounging, beautiful river views, and flavors featuring Vermont maple sugar, walnuts, and peanut butter truffles, this place is a scoop of heaven.
  • Captain Dusty’s Ice Cream — 121 Eastern Avenue, Essex. The newest location for homegrown company that started as a small stand at Beverly Farms, Captain Dusty’s is always fresh and always different. With customized items like the Sham Rocker Frappe it’s a must-try.


Boston: Come explore the hub, wandering through the hustle and bustle of downtown crossing shopping center, through the charm of the Boston Common and Public Garden, and past the historical landmarks like the Old your adventure from:

  • Sprinkles Ice Cream and Fudge Shoppe — 120 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston — variety is the spice of life. It’s also the high point of any visit to Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe. Try ice cream sandwiches, elaborate sundaes, or even some ice cream cake. Every sweet treat satisfies.
  • The Ice Creamsmith — 2295 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester — This place gives new meaning to the word “fresh,” with all of their Ice Cream churned on the premises. Create your own flavor using any combination of their 13 “mixins” or try one of their monthly special concoctions.



Cambridge: In a city famous for its quirkiness, originality, and love of locally sourced products, it’s no surprise there’s plenty of options for authentic homemade ice cream. After you marvel at the history and architecture of America’s oldest University, waltz on over to famous Harvard square, or a bit further to trendy Central or Inman Square to see the local artists’ wall. Then try:toscaninis

  • Toscanini’s — 899 Main St, Cambridge — Where else in the world can you enjoy flavors like Earl Grey, Burnt caramel, goat cheese brownie, and ginger snap molasses? The answer: nowhere.
  • Christina’s — 1255 Cambridge St, Cambridge — the self proclaimed “landmark for the culinary enthusiast” has an impressive collection of awards. They’ve been wowing ice cream lovers for years with flavors like Crème Fraiche, Grand Marnier, and Honey Lavendar. This is the place for the foodie in need of a dessert fix.


Cape Cod: If you’re lucky enough to make a trip to Massachusetts’ famous Cape Cod, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get that ice cream sugar high before being consumed by the serenity of sand and sun. On your way to your beach destination, make a pit stop in Plymouth or Centerville and experience:peaceful meadows

  • Peaceful Meadows 60 Bedford Street, Whitman — Midway between Cape Cod and the Greater Boston area, Peaceful Meadows is a treat, with some truly terrific ice cream. Peaceful Meadows has been around for ages, but it’s largely unknown by people from outside the area
  • Four Seas Ice Cream — 360 S. Main St., Centerville — as you venture closer to the outer coast and cross the Sagamore bridge, you could always make a pitstop at the Four Seas. Enjoy some of the cantaloupe ice cream at Cape Cod’s oldest ice cream stand
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