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Hosts Global Alliance (HGA), is a worldwide consortium of select Destination Management Companies. We believe that every destination holds the promise of an inspiring experience. Hosts Global Alliance delivers on that promise with unparalleled service, fresh thinking, and a global network of local experts. HGA currently represents 50 Destination Management Companies servicing over 300 locations. Hosts Global Alliance provides a full service approach for customers planning group programs in the meetings, convention, and incentive industry for corporations, associations, meeting management, and incentive travel companies. There is always a Hosts solution. Every time. Everywhere.

Hosts Global Alliance: The H Factor. It’s not just a play on words, it’s in our DNA. Sure, the H stands for Hosts, but for all of us, it is something we take quite seriously because The H Factor is what we live by. It differentiates us – as a company and as people. The H Factor is that extra something special that we bring to the table in all that we do. From creating those goose bump moments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, The H Factor for us doesn’t stop at supporting our clients, but also involves supporting our industry, each other and our communities.

The H Factor is Heart, – for our clients and for each other. We possess this because we’ve built a corporate culture based on Happiness. It’s being on top of our game as local experts in Hospitality and providing our clients with Hip new ideas that make them look like Heroes.

Yes, it’s brought us many Honors along the way, but we’ll never rest on our laurels. The H Factor is in full effect for every client, every program, every day. There are many DMC’s out there, some that may even profess to have global capabilities such as we do. However, our difference is truly in our people, the culture we’ve created, and our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients. This is The H Factor… this is Hosts Global Alliance.


HGA Headquarters: 2065 E. Windmill Lane, Suite 154, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Phone (702) 798-1975 | Toll Free (800) 634-6133 | International Phone +1 (919) 239-4532
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Press Release


After much anticipation, USA Hosts announces the launch of Hosts Global Alliance in support of the company’s expansion and global initiatives as well as a new brand identity.

Hosts Global Alliance, formerly USA Hosts Alliance, has seen remarkable growth in just a few short months and emerges as a new global alliance of Destination Management Companies (DMC) serving convention and meeting destinations worldwide.

The new Hosts brand will be supported by a multi-platform launch campaign which will also feature a completely redesigned website showcasing services through innovative video and vivid photographic content. The new look incorporates an exciting new logo and compelling tagline, “Global Reach. Local Experts.”, designed to promote the company’s worldwide presence.

Says Jennifer Patino, CEO, “The new logo strikes a balance between a brand known by consumers for over fifty years and the company’s new global venture. We also chose to focus on bright colors that reflect on the brand’s fun attitude, fresh ideas and on our enthusiastic employees.”
Jennifer also goes on to say “We wanted to keep all that is great about our company”¦while at the same time building on a corporate culture in which we are infusing passion and fun back in to the industry. So many people get into our business because of the intrinsic rewards they feel in accomplishing truly spectacular events that leave lasting impressions. The world changes and the economy brings ever changing challenges, but with creativity and initiative we truly believe “˜happiness’ can be achieved.”

Every new Hosts Global Alliance member undergoes a stringent vetting process which includes demonstrating strong financial standings, proven industry experience, insurance standards, qualified references, and best practice standards of service. Of equal importance is their devotion to this new corporate philosophy.

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