Clients: Case Studies: 21 Events In 3 Days

The VHA Leadership Conference was coming to Boston with their own event SWAT team. After winning the tour and hospitality program, we asked if we could earn the opportunity to participate in the special event bid. A few story boards and some revisions later, we were rewarded with the contract.


  • Design, Planning and Execution of 21 Events in 3 Days.
  • Welcome Reception that Integrates with Exhibit Hall Opening
  • Special Homage to a Retiring Executive
  • (11) Regional Chapter Dinners in Different Sites around Boston
  • Sponsored Discipline Dinners that Look and Feel the Same in (11) Different Locations
  • Sponsored Special Event Program with a “Bash” Theme
  • Recreational Program that Supports the VHA Spouse Attendance


  • Seamless delivery of 21 events in 3 days.
  • Delivery of an impossible date at the JFK Library for our client.
  • A well orchestrated and designed opening reception introducing the attendees to the history of Boston.
  • A very memorable event for the retiring executive in a charming ambience.
  • Precision execution of the (11) Regional Dinners.
  • A highly attended and interactive BACK BAY BASH, offering guests an interactive version of Boston’s entertainment opportunities.
  • Excellence in the tour program for the spouses.
  • The opportunity to bid on the San Diego program.
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