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In 2002, NAFCU was seeking their destination management partner for their national conference in July 2003. After a three-day customized site visit of behind the scenes Boston, we were awarded the leisure program aspect. However, the event program posed a challenge. The association desired a significant change in their family event by taking it off site. Additionally, they wanted something that would attract a larger demographic to Boston’s conference out of the Northeast.

As luck would have it, The Red Sox were playing The Yankees at Fenway on the date proposed for the event. Let alone that historic Fenway was the perfect location for a “unique Boston” experience, what would be better than the greatest rivalry in baseball to drive attendance from the Northeast target audience. But Lady Luck does, almost ran out on us in the first phone call, when we were told that this particular series has never been sold to groups. Of course, no great event would ever be built without a relentless planner pursuing that one angle for their client. Within a week, NXTevent was in possession of 2000 tickets for the game and on the way to the most highly attended NAFCU event in its history. Sold out to 1500 before the end of March, pre registration was at recorded highs.

PS: The conference was publicized nationally on the media score boards and our client’s CEO participated in the Opening Ceremonies on the Field, viewed by the 2000 attendees in the grandstands and on national television.


  • Redirection of the Special Event Program by taking it off Premise
  • Driving attendance and new demographic through the event program.
  • Offering a quintessential Boston experience that would appeal to all ages.


  • Unprecedented overall attendance at the conference
  • 25% growth in projected special event attendance
  • National Media recognition of organization at a live televised event
  • A new standard for future conferences
  • One very pleased association.
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