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In Spring of 2002, The Boston Convention Complex decided to change the way they managed their client appreciate programs, familiarization trips and sales missions to key regions. As part of their evolving marketing strategy, The BCC team engaged NXTevent as their event marketing and planning partner for a 12-month program. After reviewing the available funding and direct marketing opportunities with The BCC team, NXTevent kicked off a revitalized event marketing initiative including:

  • “The All Star Program” Familiarization Trip to Complement a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign whereby each planner had a constellation star named after them. Our program integrated the “star” theme into an All Star program featuring The Red Sox vs. the Yankees and Doris Kearns Goodwin as the highlight. Throughout the program, NXTevent integrated the “All Stars” themes into printed materials, program gifts, event decor and stylization and attire.
  • “Go Patriots” sales mission to Washington D.C. where guests were invited to a private hospitality tent at the Redskins vs. the Patriots game that included an authentic Downeast Feast, Clambake Decor
  • “Let’s Spend the Night Together” with the Rolling Stones “Just Licks” Tour. Guests were invited to Boston for a 2 night Boston experience, featuring a Rock and Roll treatment to the Fleet Center. Transported to the concert by a Hummer limousine escorted by none other than Austin Powers, guests enjoyed a private box directly over the stage.
  • “The Producers” combining the Advantage Boston Marketing launch in it’s first familiarization trip with the Broadway hit.


Attracting organizational decision makers with purchasing power of 1500 peak room nights and use of Hynes Convention Center Regional and Industry Specific Target Marketing One-on-One Relationship Management


  • A comprehensive and ongoing Successful Event Campaign
  • Ongoing Event Communications and Updated Information to More than 1000 Event Decision Makers
  • Reinforcement and Integration of Existing and New Marketing Initiatives
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