Clients: Case Studies: Time For A Change!

It was time for a change. Sharp Electronics and NXTevent had enjoyed success with an ongoing special event for the same tradeshow since 1995. The event was always a highlight and a success for the Sharp division, but was it driving profitable returns on their entertainment and marketing dollars? After September 11, Sharp had to re-evaluate the event program from both an ROI and corporate communications perspective.

After re-visiting with the product division marketing leadership, NXTevent went back to the drawing board and proposed a new client environment within a daytime hospitality suite. In 2003, the Sharp product line was introducing a customer relationship feature for their dealers versus a new product line or version. The point of contact had a real love of style and Feng Shui.

NXTevent transformed a 30 x 50 blank canvas within the Orlando Convention Center from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our design objective was twofold: a) to captivate the entering invitee immediately by engaging their senses, and b) create an environment where they could “check” their laptops, cell phones and tradeshow business at the door. The inspiration was a combination of elements such as:

  • An independent and stylized venue that generally reflected the product line and the divisional marketing team’s personality
  • A environment where guests could converse, listen and participate
  • A location where guests could check their email and navigate the new online customer service center
  • A comfortable and functional setting that enticed guests to stay as long as possible and revisit throughout the show


  • Design objectives were translated into an ultra cool, ultra warm and very liquid caf�.
  • The hospitality suite was the most talked about client environment at the tradeshow in 2003.
  • The average guest remained in the non-competitive environment for an estimated 45 minutes.
  • The average time inside a tradeshow booth is 60 minutes.
  • NXTevent has one more year of success with the same client for 8 years.
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